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Bachelor of Media Studies in a nutshell — a collection of my favorite projects that explore multi-media storytelling and translate emotion into digital spaces.

Weapon of ChoiceFigma, always 

Video essay exploring digital media theory through gamification and the Apple Card. Playing around with pixel animation in Figma was definitely a highlight.

Voiced by Maximus Noteboom, script and production by me  :) 

Slide deck for a team presentation in my Visual & Digital Media Theory class. The mission: designing for optimal fun and high engagement. Turns out that little activities do the trick (like drawing silkworms snowboarding on the moon)

Team: Ben, Jen, & Pen        Mission: Completed  ✔

After a few all-nighters in Tableau, I designed an interactive info visualization to share the story of the viral Corn Kid. Kudos to my dear friends Penny and Chloe who foraged through social media so we could make the data come to life.

🌽  Check out the story below or read about the research here

Spoken Systems — designed to estrange communication styles of texts and hand-written letters. What nuances of messages do we lose through a screen?

Created with Spline and powered by lots of late-night matcha 🍵

Created for a design thinking class. With a vague prompt about sculptures and juxtaposition, I made a gun of mini rubber ducks. Definitely a first (and a last).

*No ducks were harmed during production 🐥

Rubber ducky gun sketch
Rubber ducky gun

Video presentation exploring the evolution of print media and communication. I also fell in love with printmaking — mistakes are a precious part of the process.

Special thanks to Dan Starling for showing me his craft ✨

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