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  Baking up a sweet brand identity


Brand Designer


Branding, Visual Identity, Website Design, Creative Direction, Logo Design, Packaging


Figma, Framer, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Whiskadough Header.png


Whiskadough is a female-founded B2B bakery specializing in classic, decadent desserts with Indian-inspired flavors. As a business supplying high-end cafes and restaurants across Toronto, Whiskadough wanted a clean, sophisticated brand and website to share dessert offerings with select clientele. I designed a cohesive visual identity and digital dessert catalogue that elevated client experiences and established Whiskadough’s brand in the B2B culinary industry.


01   Creative Direction

I created a series of mood boards based on Whiskadough’s desired brand values: clean, minimalist, elegant, and sophisticated. Inspired by the signature Whiskadough rose cake, I designed a color palette with earthy tones like rose, cream, and sage green.

02   Logo Concept

For the wordmark logo, I selected a unique display typeface to highlight Whiskadough’s distinct brand name. Crake Test Light has graceful, organic curves which are complemented by a small star dotting the ‘i’ and the brandmark’s illustrated cake slice.

03   Website Design

I designed a responsive digital dessert catalogue through Framer. The website is optimized for clients to view on both web and mobile, offering a simple, cohesive customer experience for Whiskadough’s B2B model.

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